SCOREFAST and VIBE: Online Presence Analysis Tools

Analysis of your Target Audience is crucial for your restaurants success.

Our tools for Online Presence Analysis at GastroMedia Group

The program that GastroMedia Group Sweden AB uses to conduct an effective and quick 10-point audit report of a business’s website is called “SCOREFAST”, and contains comprehensive points of analysis.

The VIBE model, on the other hand, consists of four powerful pillars: Visibility, Interaction, Branding, and Engagement. Each pillar is important in evaluating a restaurant’s online presence from a UX and business professional standpoint.

It’s our own developed methods and tools to analyze a site and the online presence around your business and brand.

Unlock your restaurant's potential online with SCOREFAST and VIBE Analysis Tools and Monitoring Methods.

Unlock Your Restaurant's Online Potential with SCOREFAST and VIBE

With SCOREFAST and VIBE, you’ll get an in-depth audit of your website and online presence, highlighting areas for improvement and opportunities for growth. Our unique industry expertise as restaurant business professionals ensures that we don’t just analyze your online presence, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities of your unique restaurant, and definitely take that into our report.

VIBE is also a tool to provide ongoing monitoring and analysis of your online presence, with regular reports on key metrics such as search rankings, social media engagement, and customer reviews. If wanted, we can use VIBE to help you stay ahead of the competition and make data-driven decisions that drive your business forward.

SCOREFAST Site Analysis Explained

Besides, being cool names that siuts their purpose, our analysis and monitoring tools actually have significance and meaning. They are both acronyms and bring extensive value and insights for us when working on your report. 

Learn more about the work we put into each Site Audit with SCOREFAST by clicking the toggle headlines beneath. We fully understand if some of the information make no sence to you. Thankfully, it’s those wierd things we love to deep-dive into, and you can rest assure we will explain clearly, straight forward and easy to understand in the 10-point report what actions we think are needed to be taken care of, instead of rambling nonsense to you.

  1. Website loading time in seconds
  2. Speed index score
  3. Number of requests
  4. Page size
  5. TTFB (time to first byte)
  6. Load time analysis and optimization
  7. Server response time analysis and optimization
  8. Image compression and optimization
  9. Minification and optimization of CSS and JavaScript files
  10. Use of caching and CDNs
  1. Keyword density
  2. Number of words per page
  3. Relevance to target audience
  4. Content updates frequency
  5. Analysis of content structure and organization
  6. Keyword research and optimization
  7. Quality of writing and editing
  8. Use of multimedia (images, videos, etc.)
  1. Meta title and description
  2. Header tags (H1-H6)
  3. Keyword usage in content
  4. Image alt tags
  5. Schema markup implementation
  6. URL structure and optimization
  7. Internal linking and site navigation
  1. Mobile and tablet responsiveness analysis
  2. Use of responsive design frameworks
  3. Optimization of font sizes and spacing for mobile
  4. Mobile navigation optimization
  5. Use of mobile-specific features (click-to-call, etc.)
  6. Browser compatibility
  7. Screen size compatibility
  1. Bounce rate
  2. Time on site
  3. Pages per session
  4. Click-through rate
  5. Conversion rate
  6. Analysis of backlink profile
  7. Quality and relevance of external links
  8. Link building opportunities
  9. Anchor text optimization
  10. Use of social media and other external channels
  1. Broken links
  2. User experience analysis
  3. Testing of site functionality (forms, etc.)
  4. Accessibility standards such as WCAG
  5. Alt tags for images focused on accessibility
  6. Proper HTML tagging
  7. Color contrast
  8. Keyboard navigation
  9. Assistive technology testing
  10. Site search functionality
  11. Navigation structure
  12. Error handling and messaging
  1. Use of Google Analytics or other tracking tools
  2. Analysis of user behavior on site
  3. Conversion rate optimization
  4. Use of A/B testing or other optimization tools
  5. Integration with other marketing tools (email, social, etc.)
  1. Use of SSL certificates and HTTPS protocol
  2. Vulnerability scanning
  3. Site security and protection against malware
  4. Firewall implementation
  5. Regular security updates
  6. Data encryption implementation
  7. Compatibility with major browsers and devices
  8. Compliance with web standards and guidelines
  9. Site backup and disaster recovery
  1. Organic traffic
  2. Referral traffic
  3. Direct traffic
  4. Paid traffic
  5. Social Media traffic

VIBE Monitoring and Analysis Explained

By evaluating a restaurant’s online presence through the VIBE Monitoring and Analysis model, we can gain a comprehensive understanding of how the restaurant is performing online from both a user experience and business perspective. We use these insights to continuously optimize and work on your online performance to resonate with your target audience, build a strong brand, and eventually increase your revenue.

Learn more about the pillars of VIBE by clicking the toggle headlines beneath, and do reach out if you need our service.

This pillar refers to how easy it is for potential guests to find the restaurant online. It includes factors such as search engine rankings, online directory listings, and social media presence.

This pillar relates to the ease with which guests can interact with the restaurant online. It includes factors such as website design and functionality, online ordering options, contact options, and social media engagement.

This pillar focuses on how well the restaurant’s online presence reflects its brand identity. It includes factors such as website design, communicating a clear message, social media posts, and online reviews.

This pillar measures how effectively the restaurant engages with guests online. It includes factors such as response time to customer inquiries and complaints, social media interaction, and online promotions and deals.

Together we Create Restaurant Success Stories with comprehensive Analysis Tools SCOREFAST and VIBE by GastroMedia Group Sweden AB.

At GastroMedia Group Sweden AB, we believe that each of our clients has unique needs, and we tailor our services and pricing accordingly.

You can always contact us to get a free estimate of the cost, without any obligation to purchase our services. The cost of our services depends on the scope of work and project size.

We provide a free consultation to discuss your needs and provide a customized proposal outlining the costs involved. Our pricing is transparent, and we work with you to find a solution that fits within your budget.

Our Deal Right Now: Free Restaurant Audits and Reports, No Strings Attached

We’re currently offering a limited number of free audits and reports as a way to introduce more restaurants to our SCOREFAST and VIBE services!

We understand the importance of making informed decisions for your restaurant, which is why we’re offering a limited number of free audits and reports to help you understand your online presence and potential areas for improvement.

There’s no obligation to continue working with us, but we believe that our recommendations will provide value and help you take action to improve your business’ digital marketing.

Please note; We provide this free opportunity in order to develop our product’s methods and tools. We want to have a qualitative, broad spectrum in the basis of clients who get this opportunity and therefore reserve the right to choose which restaurants we choose in the selection process to proceed with.

To find out if your restaurant is a match and request a free audit, simply send us an email and we’ll take it from there. 

We’re excited to explore the opportunity to work with you and help your restaurant thrive!

Stay Awesome!

The Team at GastroMedia Group Sweden AB

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