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GastroMedia Group Restaurant Digital Marketing Service and Strategy

“We help restaurants build their brand and grow revenue through our specialized restaurant marketing services, tailored to each client’s unique needs and challenges”

At GastroMedia Group Sweden AB, we have a long experience from the Restaurant Business and believe every restaurant has the potential to be a success story.

That’s why we have teamed up with equally experienced and dedicated Digital Marketing professionals, to ensure we can provide a unique digital strategy and marketing plan that is fully tailored and specialized for the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry.

At GastroMedia Group Sweden we are dedicated to help restaurants with their SEO, Strategy and Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Solutions and Building Strong Restaurant Brands

At our Swedish site RestaurangSEO.se, we are proud to offer various services and products designed to help Swedish restaurants and hospitality businesses succeed with their online visibility. 

While some of our services and products are available only in Sweden, we are committed to providing you with the best guides and possible services to help you thrive and grow your restaurant business, wherever it is.

Working closely with you helps us understand your unique goals, target audience, and competitive market. Through comprehensive analysis and insights, we can create a brand and marketing plan that is completely unique to your business.

We believe building a strong brand and increasing visibility starts with communicating a clear message. First thing to remember is to ensure that your unique voice stands out. Especially in a crowded market like the restaurant business. 

To begin with, don’t settle for just getting by in the restaurant business. Let our passionate team help you create a digital marketing strategy that empower and evolve your restaurant today, and tomorrow.

Stay Awesome!

Fredrik Goldhahn, Founder and CEO

GastroMedia Group Sweden AB

A Different Restaurant Marketing Agency

GastroMedia Group Sweden AB is not your average restaurant marketing agency

With a deep understanding of the food and beverage industry, we specialize in delivering innovative and tailored marketing solutions to restaurants. 

As a trusted partner, we leverage our expertise in digital marketing, content creation, social media management, and branding to help restaurants thrive in a competitive market. 

So as to experience the difference between our comprehensive strategies and personalized approach designed for restaurants and the costly, traditional marketing agencies, let us talk.


Our mission is to help restaurants achieve their full potential by providing innovative restaurant digital marketing solutions that drive results


Our vision is to be one of the leading providers of digital marketing solutions and strategies nisched for restaurants and hospitality businesses in Sweden


GastroMedia Group Sweden is a Digital Strategy and Brand Building Consultancy and Marketing Agency with full focus on the Restaurant Business.

GastroMedia Group Sweden AB Company Information

Registered place of business: Gothenburg, Sweden

Organization Number: 559428-6980

Vat Registration Number: SE559428698001

Bankgiro in Sweden: 263-0473

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